Domain not working without www

July 23, 2014 26.1k views

How should be the setting for my work domain with and without www?

My config file looks like this:

DocumentRoot /var/www/

How should I configure the Domain panel in digitalocean?

Cname or A?

Help me!


8 Answers

A @ yourip
CNAME www @

Assuming DO DNS.

not working for me. it points default page

Even this is not working for me.

When I use domain name with www, it loads proper page but when I don't use www at that time, I redirects me to default home page of apache2.

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I am facing a different problem
when i use my website which is opens smoothly without any error
but when i use this url if doesnt opens up why can any one please help...i am losing a lot of trafffic...please help

and same is happening with my another domain which is

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