domain periodically going down

April 27, 2014 1.6k views
Hey everybody, I've been using my domains for about two weeks now without a problem. But in the last couple of days the domain (and subdamains) go down without any reason. This behaviour only started in the last 1/2 days. Does anybody know what the problem could be here? I checked the error.log but that dosn't give any information besides a page giving an error (which I removed afterwards). The only thing I got was that the DNS was misread, which is quite suprising since I was logged in into phpmyadmin at that time, only after I refreshed the error showed. Anyhow, thanks in advance
2 Answers
Do you use the DO DNS service? Or did you setup your own DNS?
It's possible that you were affected by a DNS problem which has now been resolved:

If you're still seeing this issue please open a support ticket.
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