Domain Subdirectory? on different Droplet

June 8, 2018 766 views
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For example,

I have a website hosted on: Digitalocean “Droplet 1” at

Now i want to host Blog or CMS on Domain Subdirectory: “Droplet 2” at

so how i can do that on Digitalocean with two Droplet.

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If you want to do only with DNS, you would need to use a subdomain, for example, and point the A record for this subdomain to the IP of your second droplet.

If you want to use subdirectories, you can do that with a reverse proxy setup. This would depend on whether you are using Apache or Nginx.

Here’s how to set that up for Nginx:

And here’s a guide for Apache as well:


by Mateusz Papiernik
In this tutorial, you will set up Apache as a reverse proxy using the `mod_proxy` extension to redirect incoming connections to underlying application server(s) running on the same network. There are instructions on setting up a simple web app using the Flask framework to show how Apache interacts with the real application hidden behind it, but you can also follow this tutorial using your existing application server, if you have one.
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