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January 20, 2014 2.8k views
When adding a domain, should I use or in the name field? The reason I ask is that I've added a domain and pointed it at a droplet. I used when I set up DNS and the domain uses google apps for email. Everything works but incoming email. I get this error back when sending email to it from another google apps account, "Technical details of temporary failure: DNS Error: DNS server returned general failure" I'm wondering if by using, the email is misconfigured to be FYI - the domain in questions
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I'm not too sure about how email can be effected by www anyways. I guess your config. at DO may not setup correctly.

Did you setup TXT and MX records?

check this:

by Keshav Pareek
Here we'll show you how to create a SPF record for your domain with Google Apps.
Ah! I did not setup an spf record, just the google apps mx records.
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