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Posted July 29, 2021 128 views

Hi I have two domains on a virtual host that have been up and running for maybe two years, but mostly idle. I initially had this problem, and fixed it by setting up separate A records for both and (I may have created the second A record for the alias without the www. It’s been a while.) Now that I need to update the sites I find that the problem is back. The sites are and The error I’m getting is “ refused to connect.” I did reboot the server (Ubuntu/Apache) today before discovering the issue. Thanks for any help.

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Hi @jonsidener,

I can see both domains are working as expected now. Glad to see you managed to resolve the issue!

Anyway, what I would thought the problem would have been is your Apache configuration files and possibly missing the www versions of your websites inside. Is that correct?

  • Thanks for the reply. No, the sites are not working for me. Apparently they’re working intermittently if you got results. I’m getting 404s on Chrome browsers on a couple of Windows machines and Android. I got the page to load on Edge browser on one machine, but not the other. On the second Edge browser, I’m actually getting the wrong site, krowdproject instead of krowdzilla. Both are housed on the same droplet. I decided to do an overdue upgrade to Ubuntu before troubleshooting. There were corrupted files that made the upgrade difficult. All that’s been dealt with and it apparently had nothing to do with my website problems.
    I guess my next step is to make sure Apache is updated and then check configuration. Remember, this had been working, so at some point Apache was configured correctly.
    The intermittent thing makes me suspect there’s something unstable, not misconfigured.

    • Hi @jonsidener,

      Yes, you are correct, the intermittent thing does mean something is misconfigured and it’s going to be related to your DNS. Basically, you have some misconfiguration somewhere in your DNS which leads to such issues.

I’m not certain, but I think I’ve found the problem. I think that:
A) There was a problem.
B) Chrome cached the problem.
C) After the fix, Chrome displayed the cached error page.
So the original problem became a local problem. Clearing the cache seemed to fix the problem. Then it came back. I’ve cleared it a second time and seemingly fixed it again. Crazy. Hopefully it’s resolved.
Edit: It came back. Even after deleting cache/browsing history, Chrome was autofilling my domain name. I went to and sure enough there’s all my browsing history. I had to manually delete each reference to my site. Knock on wood. It may be fixed.