Don't Know How To Login Via Putty

Posted January 27, 2017 3.6k views

I’m on Windows 10, 64 bit with the 64 bit Ubuntu Droplet.

I set everything up on Putty, but then I press “open” and try to enter the info, and it won’t let me paste anything and once I type in the IP address and press enter, it won’t let me type or paste in the password. Any help please? Thank you so much.

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PuTTy doesn’t allow you to view your password as its entered. Your password is being keyed in as you type, you’re just not aware of it visually. Once your password is keyed in, simply hit enter and you will be logged in (as long as the password is correct).

As for copying and pasting, PuTTy does this a little differently too. Anything you highlight will be automatically copied to the clipboard – you don’t need to right click, copy. Pasting is very much the same in that you won’t right click, paste – when you right click, it automatically pastes in whatever is copied to the clipboard.

@jtittle Thank you so much for the help.

When I press “Open” to open Putty, it says “log in as:”. What am I supposed to put there? I put my Windows account name – Ty, and it keeps saying access denied. Then I tried just pasting in the IP address and putting the password in, but it keeps saying access denied.



After you create a sudo user on your Droplet? If that’s what you’re asking, no, not at all :-). The only time you’d need to restart your actual PC/Mac is if you’re prompted to do so. The only time you’d need to restart your Droplet is pretty much the same, only if prompted or instructed otherwise.

Once a sudo user is created on the Droplet, when you run commands such as:

sudo apt-get update

You’ll be asked for that users password to complete the command. Once the password is verified, it’ll execute.


Ah, dang. I created a droplet in order to bypass the choke my network is putting on my torrents. My internet speed is 23 mbps and torrents only download at 100 kbps.