Dovecot SSL/TLS not working

January 11, 2018 1.2k views
Email Ubuntu 16.04

This morning, I set up my email server following this tutorial and it works mostly fine. It sends email and I've setup DKIM; it doesn't send encrypted messages using SSL/TLS it only works with STARTTLS (which isn't safe right now).

Receiving emails using SSL/TLS works fine it's only sending so my IMAP is all set up perfectly, It's just the SMTP.

I logged what shows up in console so here's the log.

Note: I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and I know the tutorial is for 12.04 but considering everything else has worked fine I doubt this is the issue.

Just in case this helps here are my config files for Dovecot.

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This question was answered by @arehandoro:

Actually my issue was that I had not defined smtpdusetls=yes. It is working now.

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