Downgrade Plan - From 10$ back to 5$ a month plan, can this be done?

December 28, 2013 12k views
Hi There ;) I would like to resize back to 5$ a month plan, can this be done?? Actually I have the: 2GB Ram 40GB SSD Disk Ubuntu 12.04.3 x64 Here you can see what I see: Thanks in advance for andy help. Best regards, A.B ;)
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I recently wrote a tutorial with instructions on how to downgrade/downsize droplets.

by Brook Shelley
Downsize your Droplet with minimal downtime
Because developers can't develop everything in the world all at once. The voting gives the developers an insight as to what their customers want/need and subsequently are able to give the project a priority.
You would need to create a snapshot of the droplet, then destroy it and create a new $5 droplet based off the snapshot you just took.
Unfortunately, that option is not available "yet." You can help bring it to fruition by voting for it on DigitalOcean's Customer Feedback Forum: downgrade option, not just upgrade.
Downgrading should be an option a long as the used hard drive storage is small enough to make downgrading possible. It's possible to resize partitions so why not allow this on DigitalOcean droplets. This is a must needed feature.
@matthew: You can downgrade you droplet size. Unfortunately, it is slightly more involved than using the "Fast Upgrade" feature. If you take a snapshot of your droplet, you can restore it using any size plan.
  • Hi Andrew,

    But i got "Cannot create a droplet with a smaller disk (20GB) than the image (60GB).
    " when i do that ?! any idea ?

Was there ever an answer to the above question?
"Cannot create a droplet with a smaller disk (20GB) than the image (40GB)."

I am trying to downgrade a server to a smaller instance and I am receiving the same message... The image I have is only using 4GB of the instances space.

It's a nightmare on Digital Ocean. But easy thing on RamNode. That's why I'm switching to them.

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