Download files via console, port access has change

January 22, 2019 658 views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

I am using Digital ocean + server pilot running wordpress. I had SSL set up through a dev company, but it didn't work for http/ www redirect. I asked them to go in and fix. They said they couldn't do their regular fix because server pilot configuration.

Later, I went to access the website and it was down. I then tried to access via SFTP and could not connect. I tried to restart apache but it showed errors. I have the suspicion the port access was somehow changed.

I have backups and DB backups in the file system, but I can't figure out how to get to them. I can access the server via digital ocean console. I would like to spin up a non-serverpilot droplet and transfer the files and database to the new server. How can I access my files and backups?

  1. Change port back to 22?
  2. Download files from digital ocean console access?
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Since you're able to access the server through the console, you can start an scp or rsync from the console to your new server. Something like this should do:

scp -oPort=SSH_DESTINATION_PORT backup.tar.gz user@DESTINATION_IP_ADDRESS:/home/


Something like this? Or should I be using my computer IP address? If I am moving files to the new server, don't I have to log in or something to put a file into to the new server?

scp -oPort=22 backup.tar.gz root@NEWDROPLETIP:/var/www/html

  • Yes that looks good. The new server will prompt you for the root password. That's the login part you asked about.


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