Download speed is slow on Counter Strike 1.6

August 3, 2019 350 views
Ubuntu 18.04 DigitalOcean

I have some droplets on which I’ve installed Counter Strike 1.6 game servers.

I’ve uploaded some custom maps on the server and when I’m trying to play on that server, it should download the maps ( from the server on which I’ve uploaded them ), but the speed is very slow.

I’ve tried downloading from a droplet with scp command and it is very fast.

Is DO limiting bandwidth based on certain ports or something ?

How can I solve this issue ?

1 Answer


It’s not a problem with the droplet. From memory the game limits the downloads to something like 30kb/s ~40 kb/s.

If you want it faster you need a fast download url set up so that players are redirected to a website to download the map, but then again that would require them to load their steam browsers.

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