Dreamhost DNS Propagation help?

February 1, 2015 2k views

Yesterday, I decided to move my WordPress blog from Dreamost to DigitalOcean. I've migrated everything on my new droplet yesterday, and changed the DNS info today.

In fact, I have deleted all hosting on Dreamhost and pointed my blog's domain name ( to DigitalOcean's nameservers on their registrar, and updated the DNS info on DigitalOcean as well (see screenshots below)

However the DNS changes appear to not be propagating, even after a few hours... Should I simply wait or is there anything I have done wrong?

Can someone with a bit more technical knowledge please assist me in this? Thanks!

3 Answers

Remove the dots at the end. Remove the CNAME *. Change www to

Tried removing ending dots, but it says 'data needs to end with a dot'

And is there any particular reason to remove the wildcard (*) ?

You had that pointing to a name, that doesn't work.

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