Droplet Bandwidth Overage (ridiculous amount)

Posted January 7, 2019 9.2k views
BillingUbuntu 18.04

Trying to understand the following amount:

Droplet Bandwidth Overage (11106.53GB @ $0.01/GB) N/A N/A $111.07

This is a $5 droplet. We have 3 droplets and usual amount together with backups and snaps etc., were around $20

This morning we got a slight peak in access of the site (around 100 unique clicks), I doubt that hundred something users were able to generate 11106.53GB of data?!

What’s going on here? Can someone explain this “Overage”, it says in the description provided something about the beginning of the month and then possible change. Still this amount is ridiculous!

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Hi! Bandwidth overages happen when your Droplets send more data than what’s included in their monthly allowance - our product docs have more information about bandwidth billing in general so that can be a good starting point.

If you open a ticket in the control panel, we can take a look at your account to get a breakdown of bandwidth usage per Droplet and per day. We can’t see inside Droplets to know which specific processes are causing some bandwidth usage, though, so that’s something a customer would need to investigate.

You can install something like vnstat to get that same daily usage information on your own, but if you don’t expect that much usage, it’s possible some application or insecure password was compromised to take over the Droplet and that would be the root issue to investigate. What to look for can depend on what applications you’re running but the last command and the /var/log/auth.log file are useful for checking recent logins to a server.

  • Thank you for your replay and suggestions.

    last and /var/log/auth.log as well as vnstat (installed after your suggestion) doesn’t show anything unusual.

    I would like to ask and make sure that this “Estimated Droplet Transfer Pool” is really what we are ALREADY being charged of or is it really just an estimation if such traffic continue to be?

    Ticket were opened prior, it’s number: #2971638

    Can you provide bandwidth breakdown and/or any other related information?

Just wanted to follow up on this case and say that our development environment droplet was hacked, hence the bandwidth overage.

Thanks to the awesome Digital Ocean team we got this issue solved in the best way possible. Kudos to the DO and its team.

I am facing the same problem…i set up a droplet so that I could access RStudio using my iPad 3 months ago but I had not used it much since then. I didn’t pay much attention to it because the monthly cost is supposed to be just $10. But then last month I received an invoice from DO saying Droplet Bandwidth Overage (22925.38GB @ $0.01/GB) !! This is completely ridiculous and no one is responding to my ticket.

i am also facing the same issue,

i created a droplet in the month of november and installed ubuntu 18

in the next 10 days, i just created a few python scripts and installed some python packages but i was billed $251 and for (21554.68GB)

this is ridiculous.

One reason could be that your server had been bruteforced and added to a botnet therefore adding on bandwith charges.

There is a way to shutdown or disabale the droplet if the free outbound limit is reached?

That is so wierd, i have same issue $$$184. It is not my traffic, it is DDOS which is not done by me. Outbound traffic charge is ridiculous, IF I EXCEEDED droplet payment, why dont stop the traffic/network ? They nknow the system is compromised, why don’t stop it and let it run for $184 ????

Protect your web apps with free ddos protection products like cloudflare. My traffic all goes via cloudflare.