Droplet complety offline and cannot contact Digital Ocean

April 6, 2018 663 views
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My droplet is offline due to Digital ocean because Digital ocean saw that our website is attacked by DDos. Droplet is now completely offline, only access via console in web.

I've imported mySQL into files, but do not know how to download.
I've replied but there is no answer for may cases for further next steps.

Mails I've replied are: abuse-replies@digitalocean.com + support@support.digitalocean.com


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If you can still access your droplet through control panel console then you may still have the ability to connect out from your droplet.

Trying running ping google.com and see if you get a response.

If so, you can use the scp utility to move your MySQL files to another server for backup and then re-provision your droplet.

Thanks all you guys for supporting me.

I cannot ping google from my web console panel --> ping: unknown host google.com.

I check the status of network via

"sudo /etc/init.d/networking status --> still active with green icon.

Seem that Digital Ocean prevent my droplet connect to outside.

I see my droplet is still OK according data.

How I can enable this network or re-configured network. Or waiting the technical supports from Digital Ocean?

How can I do next?


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