Droplet descriptive text title inaccurately reflects launch snapshot?

August 20, 2015 1.6k views
Deployment Control Panels

I create a droplet, ssh in, set it up, shut it down and take a snapshot ‘baseline #1’.

I then restart the droplet, continue another round of config, stop, and take a 2nd snapshot 'baseline #2’.

At this point, the droplet is displayed as OFF but its descriptive title is still 'baseline #1’ despite the fact that I have taken a snapshot, captured and tagged the state image as 'baseline #2’.

What’s really confusing is when you restart the droplet and it displays as ON 'baseline #1’ despite the fact that it was launched from a 'baseline #2’ image and is no longer even 'baseline #2’ but 'baseline #2’ + (modified).

Anyone else noticed this? I’m glad I paused to stare at this a moment; almost blew away a couple hours of work on the droplet because I thought I had somehow launched from an old snapshot.


1 Answer

The text indicates the image the droplet was originally created with. This is set at droplet creation and does not currently change.

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