Droplet does not start after panel power off/on

October 5, 2017 1.3k views
Ubuntu DigitalOcean

yesterday I reset my droplet by the panel but the droplet does not start again.
I found a digitalocean post suggesting to change the kernel version. It was done, but I cannot access the droplet by ssh and there is no linux services initialized.
If I access my droplet by the digitalocean console I see this screen.
Could you help me?

2 Answers

In the dashboard, you can go to a kernel tab and try mounting the recovery kernel. This should allow your droplet to book into safe mode.

As for how to repair it depends on what happened which is a bit more than the scope of these questions can manage.

There is some details on the bottom of this page

It was solved.
The /bin/init has deleted. May be some problem during apt-get upgrade, I guess

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