Droplet down for 24 hours -- how to escalate my support ticket?

Posted February 3, 2018 3.3k views
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Yesterday I received an email from Digitial Ocean that said:

Subject: NYC3 Emergency Droplet Migration

Start: 2018-02-02 08:30 UTC


We have identified an issue on the physical machine hosting one or more of your Droplets, which are listed below. In order to minimize disruption, we will be attempting a migration of the Droplets to a healthier physical machine. Throughout the migration, control panel and API events will not succeed for the affected Droplet(s) including power offs, resizes, and attempts to destroy the Droplet.

It has now been 24 hours and my droplet is still offline. I have opened up several tickets with Digital Ocean support, and am not getting any kind of assistance. They have not restored the filesystem to my new droplet, so nothing works.

How can I get my ticket escalated to a manager or anyone with authority to redo the migration properly so I can use my droplet again? I am completely stuck until someone at Digital Ocean takes this seriously and corrects the problem.

I have no idea what is going on, support has not communicated with me any kind of a time frame for any of this, and for all I know they believe the migration is complete and I am just screwed. All I know is that I have no filesystem. I determined this by getting support to boot off the recovery CD and trying to mount and fsck the /dev/vda1 filesystem. Eventually I dumped the raw disk blocks and saw there is no filesystem there.

I need to get in touch with someone at Digital Ocean who will give me an answer about what is going on.

Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated.

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I am having the same issue. I waited several days before submitting a ticket yesterday. Did you ever get any sort of resolution?

  • Digitial Ocean support was completely useless. Where there was supposed to be a superblock to a file system, I found there was an XML config file for a virtual machine. This leads to one of 2 conclusions:

    1) The initial hardware failure was actually a disk failure, and the data was overwritten by an errant device driver. In this case, migrating the droplets did nothing because the disk was already destroyed. If this was the case, then Digital Ocean was extremely negligent in not telling us what the nature of the problem was. They clearly would have known.


    2) The migration was not done correctly, and instead of copying a file system from the droplets, they copied a config file. This is what I believe happened, because the entirety of the disk was 0’s except for the initial config file. That fits the pattern of a new format rather than a random overwrite. I think the engineer that did the migration was simply incompetent and screwed up.

    Ticket after ticket went unanswered by Digital Ocean support until I finally restored the file system from backup and accepted the loss of a few days of data in order to get my system running again.

    This is my recommendation to you: restore your droplet from backup and move on. If you don’t have backups, then just accept everything is lost and start over again from scratch.

    Never count on these nimrods to be the slightest bit helpful or professional. All support will do is mount the recovery CD for you. They will not tell you the truth behind this incident.