Droplet Down for hours!

February 23, 2018 262 views
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My droplet is down for hours! I can not access it via terminal/ssh nor i can get a response when i try to ping it. I contacted Digital Ocean support and i got no response from them yet! This is not a way to treat a customer who has been with Digital Ocean for few years! I have important work on that droplet and i have no clue what is going on!

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Have you looked into your control panel to see if it is in fact powered on. You can also try and power cycling it.

  • Yeah. I made sure it's powered on. I tried powering it off and back on as well as power cycling it. I also tried restoring it to previous backup. Nothing. It is still not responding to anything

I have been a customer of yours since 2015 and I have never seen anything this unprofessional in my life. A hosting company’s one job is to allow my assets to have access to the web “ALL THE TIME” not some of the time, not possibly won’t have those files tomorrow. You are now losing me 1000s a day for your stupidity and I need this rectified immediately. Also, if any data is lost I will take all that money that I lost from your company in the last 24/h and throw it to my marketing department to let the entire web know in detail and in excess on how horrible of a company you are an how no one should ever use your servers again. I am expecting a resolution to this problem asap. Let me know. I understand mistakes happen however, it is your job now to fix this or you should not be in business at all. Thank you and let me know.

  • It appears that something is currently going wrong inside DO. After recent hypervisor changes we found one of our droplets performing over 10 times worse than others, with 10 times slower CPU benchmarks and 10 times slower I/O. The issue was reported to support but not treated as being any problem, so we requested a migration. In the past tickets have been responded to quickly and migrations handled at the scheduled time and without any problem. We recommended DO widely because of this service.

    On this occasion it took around 8 hours for the migration request to be acknowledged, but it was and the migration booked in. Unfortunately it never happened, and it took 25 hours before there was any answer to why. The reason given was a backlog of tickets, and it was booked in for today. Again it never happened, and it's been over 14 hours without any response to asking what happened this time.

    A case of expanding too quickly perhaps, and not investing in support. Whatever the reason, DO has suddenly become a huge liability in our infrastructure.

I am leaving DO. I had enough...they deserve to see all their customers leave. These guys messed up my droplet and after no reply from their support for days all they could offer is to have it set to recovery mode so i take my files. it is ABSOLUTELY obvious that my droplet got messed up on feb 22 when they did that upgrade/reboot.

  • Same here.. my droplet is down for 5 hours already and the status page states that everything's working. With the only exception that i can't do anything with it and the is a notification for a hypervisor being under maintenance. No response from support

I'm having the same problem, all of my sites are down and I'm trying to send a ticket but the support takes to long to respond and we are relatively in the same time zone

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