Droplet Download speed OK, Upload speed SLOW

Posted August 16, 2018 4.3k views

Download speed from server is OK.
Upload speed is very slow, like 500 KB/s, it doesn’t matter if I use SFTP, SCP or HTTPS for the transfers. But, there’s no speed limit on multiple transfers, just per transfer.
I didn’t touch anything network related, the droplet is new, with Debian 9. Why this poor performance by default? How can I fix it?

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2 answers

I have noticed this only happens from Windows, at least last build Windows 10, it doesn’t seem to matter the protocol used, it’s like a TCP/IP problem. It’s also happening on another computer with Windows 10. When uploading through a Debian VM the upload speed is almost unlimited. I tested uploading a video to YouTube from Windows 10 and the upload speed is fine (~300Mbps). What I’m trying to say is that there must be something I can change server-side (droplet) so that Windows 10 users can upload to my server without that ~5Mbps limit.
Is this happening to more people with a Debian 9.3 droplet and Windows 10? Download speed from droplet is fine, it’s just the upload speed to droplet that’s extremely slow.

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