Droplet Download speed OK, Upload speed SLOW

Posted August 16, 2018 8.6k views

Download speed from server is OK.
Upload speed is very slow, like 500 KB/s, it doesn’t matter if I use SFTP, SCP or HTTPS for the transfers. But, there’s no speed limit on multiple transfers, just per transfer.
I didn’t touch anything network related, the droplet is new, with Debian 9. Why this poor performance by default? How can I fix it?

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I have noticed this only happens from Windows, at least last build Windows 10, it doesn’t seem to matter the protocol used, it’s like a TCP/IP problem. It’s also happening on another computer with Windows 10. When uploading through a Debian VM the upload speed is almost unlimited. I tested uploading a video to YouTube from Windows 10 and the upload speed is fine (~300Mbps). What I’m trying to say is that there must be something I can change server-side (droplet) so that Windows 10 users can upload to my server without that ~5Mbps limit.
Is this happening to more people with a Debian 9.3 droplet and Windows 10? Download speed from droplet is fine, it’s just the upload speed to droplet that’s extremely slow.

  • That answer doesn’t help because the problem is not related to speedtest.

    • You can use the speedtest script to test server upload/download speeds

      • We all know what a speed test does. That post you linked only talks about a particular case in which a piece of software was giving a wrong result because it was outdated, but I’m not using that software at all nor did I talk about speed tests. It’s not related to the topic. The problem occurs between a Debian DO droplet and a PC with Windows 10. If I run Debian instead of Windows on that same PC, I don’t have that problem, and I’m sure it’s on DO’s side because it only happens with DO, I never encountered that issue with other VPS. Just trying to upload anything at all from a Windows 10 computer to a Debian DO droplet is slow, very slow, it doesn’t matter the software used, and it doesn’t matter the port nor the protocol used. See the link in my first answer to this post for more information about the issue:

I had a similar issue and I had make a speed test using speedtest cli from my droplet.The speedtest(from their official repo) returned very low upload speeds(about 4.5mbp/s).I almost quit digitalocean but luckily i found out it was a bug from speedtest (solution from the link i sent).After redoing the test with the py script, it returned decent results.

Apologies if this answer did not help you