droplet for both website and database

July 20, 2018 1.5k views
MongoDB Apache PHP Ubuntu 18.04

I currently have a droplet that just has a mongo instance on it, but I’ll be looking to setup a webserver to host an API website so I’m curious if I should have 2 droplets or just set up a big enough droplet to have both things on one server.

I know mongo can be memory intensive so I don’t want to risk having slow downs because too much is one one system.

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X40C July 20, 2018
Accepted Answer

The disk is SSD so there should not be that much “slowing down” and if it happens you can always migrate one application to a new droplet. Mongo will release the cached memory on a “less used” basis so you probably won’t notice anything.

  • ok cool I’ll see how things look once I add the web server portion and do that, thanks

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