Droplet for server, what size?

April 6, 2018 1k views
Storage VPN DNS Debian Ubuntu

What size droplet should I select for a small nextcloud NAS, a VPN server and using pi-hole for dns, all on one droplet.
Is the entry one enough? I don't need lots of storage.

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  • Depending on your need an entry droplet could be enough, if not it is quite easy to resize down down the road to accommodate.

    If you are looking for strictly file storage, you may want to look into DigitalOcean Spaces. 5$ for 250GB is pretty good!

1 Answer

Our $5 droplet plan (1GB RAM) should run this stack but I would recommend starting out with the 2GB droplet plan, test your performance and if needed you can upgrade to a larger plan from the control panel with just a reboot as your needs increase.

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