Droplet from Snapshot problem

June 9, 2016 2.2k views
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I recently created a snapshot of my droplet, since i wanted two versions of my website on two different domains.

However, when i go into my new droplets IP, and do / admin, i still end up on my original admin panel, and cannot do changes directly in my copied droplet.

In other words, why is my ‘new’ droplet from a snapshot redirecting me to my 'old’ droplet whenever i try to login as admin to it?

2 Answers

That’s not possible. Are you sure you’re using the correct IP? How are you verifying that the changes are being done?

  • I believe the answer here is that my wordpress configuration redirects to a custom URL, which means that this one will as well whenever i try to go to /admin, since they share those properties.

    Any suggestion on how to fix that?

    • The redirecting issue is fixed. However, i can not login to the new droplet using the same credentials as the original site. Any tips on how to add an admin to my wordpress on my new droplet?

      • Hi,

        If you restored a snapshot, the data is going to be the same on that snapshot as when you took it on the original droplet. So the admin/username password is the same. If you do not remember the original password, I would use wp-cli as explained here

Hello Zimpstar, I am having the same redirection issue, can you tell me how you solved it ?

I changed the url in wp-config, and function via ftp but still nothing changes, i can’t login to wp admin and phpmyadmin since i am redirected to the old one.

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