Droplet in Singapore can't sync NTP server.

Posted May 30, 2014 10.9k views
Droplet in US can sync time using ntp. But one in Singapore results "Server dropped: no data" and "no server suitable for synchronization found" in the same way. By any chance, Singapore ISP don't allow NTP connection?

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Our SGP1 region has been under an ongoing NTP reflection attack and our peers have filters to block it. We're working on a solution but we have no ETA currently. This only impacts SGP1, so if you need to set up time sync you will, unfortunately, have to migrate your droplet to a different region.

Oh my goodness, i’ve been pulling my hair for an hour unable to sync my server time. i thought it is my firewall setting. turns out it is filtered by datacenter :(

anyone have idea how to sync server time without ntp?


I stuck on the issue of ntp for two days.
It does not work on 22nd July.

Not working for me also 25th July 2014.

I think there is a quick solution that DigitalOcean can do is to install a NTP server, which supply ntp service only for all droplets.

The ntp service is MUST to most of hosted servers, hopefully it can be fixed as soon.

Same problem here – obvious solution seems to be for DO to spin-up, exclusively for customers to sync against, without compromising the upstream efforts to mitigate the NTP reflection attack?

I’ve gone on and on about this with DO customer service, but with no suitable fix or work-around in sight.

DO uses Equinix for their servers in Singapore. What I’ve done is to ask Equinix directly for a local ntp server. Email them at Maybe if they receive enough requests, this will actually be done.

I still can’t sync time for my server. Any solution?

Same here.
Is there any workaround?

I think Digitalocean should at least give us an alternative way to sync our time. Time and date are almost the most important factor between servers. How we gonna work with those servers that don’t have synced time? All we need is a “method” not just “Unfortunately, NTP is still filtered” , “Unfortunately, NTP is still block”.....what the f… By the way, this issue has been occurred about 3 months ago, and staff still saying “Unfortunately..” until today. Is this how Digitalocean solving critical problem?

Very simple workaround: date -s “2014-08-23 21:36:00” :) Hopefully the server uses high grade quartz crystal

Found a good solution. Get your time from Google’s HTTP headers:

date -s "$(wget -S  "" 2>&1 | grep -E '^[[:space:]]*[dD]ate:' | sed 's/^[[:space:]]*[dD]ate:[[:space:]]*//' | head -1l | awk '{print $1, $3, $2,  $5 ,"GMT", $4 }' | sed 's/,//')"


recently i can sync ntp with my sg droplet. anyone of you able to do so to confirm ?

I recently launched an Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS Trusty Tahr 32bit droplet. I was able to change my system date and synced to However, just a few minutes ago as I was looking into my database (MariaDB), I noticed that the date was not SGT. So, I added the “defaulttimezone = +08:00” into my /etc/mysql/my.cnf’s [mysqld] section. Then, I restarted the MariaDB service and at the same time monitoring the logs written to /var/log/syslog. Unfortunately, the logs written were not the same as the timestamp of the /var/log/syslog file itself.

date && ls -l /var/log/syslog && tail -n 1 /var/log/syslog

Thu Nov 13 12:37:34 SGT 2014
-rw-r—– 1 syslog adm 152802 Nov 13 12:37 /var/log/syslog
Nov 12 23:37:32 droplet /etc/mysql/debian-start[24396]: Triggering myisam-recover for all MyISAM tables

This also applies to all the contents of the /var/log/*

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