Droplet is down

November 24, 2018 769 views
Control Panels CentOS

My droplet is down since from last 24 hours .

Also doing power on and off ..

Created ticket didn’t get any reply..

9 Answers

Hey friend,

Your server has been taken down due to a legitimate abuse complaint. I do see that Sabrina responded to your most recent message.


I have disconnected the related domain , So can you up it again ?

  • That will need to be discussed with our Trust & Safety team. You should have emails from them to respond to. If you do not see those emails, you can reply to Sabrina’s message and she can pass that to them.

I didn’t get any reply now

Same here. I didn’t get any reply…

I don’t get the answer, and here’s the same problem.
ip address

Don’t worry and just go, because there will be me there. -> geometry dash -> five night at freddy’s

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