Droplet is not powering on

May 30, 2019 192 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

I powered off my droplet because I wanted to create snapshot, when I tried to create snapshot - it said “something went wrong”, after that I tried to start my droplet - BUT IT DOESN’T POWER ON! gif image is spinning already 6 hours! I cannot do anything with my droplet, cannot power it off, cannot power it on, what should I do? how to power on my droplet??

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  • Have you received any emails from DigitalOcean about emergency droplet migration? Power on events usually fail if DO are doing a host migration. Could be a problem with your filesystem so you’d need to boot into recovery mode I guess but check with DigitalOcean support first.

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No, it started automatically after 28 hours.... problem is “solved”

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