Droplet is wrecked

March 30, 2019 341 views
Docker Ubuntu 16.04

ok finally figured there is no support, so maybe the community can help.

I am running a self-hostable streaming radio (azuracast.com) on an Ubuntu 16.04 droplet for acouple of months, but since I restarted the droplet i have no ssh or console access to it. I figured out how to boot in recovery mode, since the file system isn’t corrupt i can start the dockerd daemon, i just wanna pull all the .mp3 files from this droplet, but “docker container ls” doesn’t show me any containers. Any hints ?


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  • You should not need your container running or one available at all providing you setup your persistent storage.

    Where did you tell your container where the MP3s were stored

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Thanks for your helpful reply, i wasn’t aware that docker doesn’t need to run and found the files under

“/mnt/var/lib/docker/volumes/azuracaststationdata/_data/” and copy them with scp now :)

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