Droplet jan 16 update

January 16, 2018 1.4k views

So for context i am on the 10/month droplet plan, It is jan 16 now and i’ve just got a email about new droplet plans and now occrding to this email the 10/month plan gets 2gb of ram, i signed up before jan16, i’ve tryed restarting and i still only have 1gb. does this mean plans that were bought before jan16 dont get the extra ram?

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From what I can tell they aren’t automatically upgraded, and the prices aren’t cut to match. However, it looks like you can upgrade them manually. I believe what you’d need to do is power off your Droplet, select Resize in the control panel (Disk, CPU, and RAM), and then select the new plan on the same $10/month pricing you’re on now but with the updated specs. That should bring your Droplet up to date.

by Ben Schaechter
DigitalOcean [recently announced details](https://blog.digitalocean.com/new-droplet-plans) for new Droplet plans. Below is a list of frequently asked questions with answers to help give more clarity on these plans.
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