Droplet Management: 1 VPS 1 Site vs 1 VPS Multiple Sites

July 31, 2014 3.6k views

Coming from a shared hosting service I am used to organizing all my sites in different folders and configuring each domain to point to the folder where the site is contained.

For example
www.site1.com -> /site1
www.site2.com ->/site2

I have so far moved one of my sites over to DO but not sure if the second site should be on a separate droplet or if I should just set up a virtual host on the droplet already created.

Regardless of how much traffic each site gets, what are the advantages/disadvantages of creating a droplet for each site vs hosting both sites on the same droplet?

Would it cost more to have each site on a separate droplet vs both sites on a single droplet (my guess is yes, plus maintaining multiple droplets could be a pain)?

1 Answer

Unless one or more of those sites is a CPU hog, has heavy traffic or is particularly memory intensive, there isn’t really any need to put them on separate droplets. I am currently hosting three sites serving mostly static HTML with some PHP and a couple of small Ruby applications on a 512 MB droplet using Nginx. I’m showing 17 KB of memory free with 0 of my swap space being used. To keep the load down a little bit, I am using Cloudflare’s free caching service.

  • Thanks Larry. In that case I’ll just stick with one droplet until one of my sites starts gaining more traffic.

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