Droplet manager services? - Anything DA offers or are there recommended partners?

May 6, 2017 567 views
Configuration Management

I don't have the knowledge to manage a VPS myself. I have used cPanel, but that's about it. Also, cPanel i not free.

For this reason I am looking for some service provider that would manage my system and have some basic monitoring. I need help with setting up multiple domains, isolate the scripts (mostly Wordpress) and secure the whole thing up. I would prefer if it's an official partner to DA so that I don't have to worry about.

Does anything like this exist?

2 Answers


The type of service I'd recommend really depends on what you need.

Both CloudWays and ServerPilot will install a working stack for you, and provide you with a general interface from which to partially manage your server, though neither are a replacement for systems administrator if you need full management.

If you need someone to constantly tweak, tune, and secure your servers -- you're probably going to better off hiring a systems administrator on retainer or for one-off jobs.


CloudWays restricts your access down to the basics, meaning you don't receive root access, so if you need to install something and they don't offer it through their control panel, you won't be able to.

ServerPilot provides a basic interface and setup for your servers (not as feature-rich as CloudWays), but they don't provide on-going administration of your server -- but neither does CloudWays.

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