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August 24, 2015 2k views
Django DNS

I have iRedMail installed on one droplet pointing to mail.domain.com
I have a django application installed on another pointing to domain.com

I can log into mail.domain.com, send and receive emails and everything works great.

When I attempt to send email from my django application, the connection is refused. I presume this is because I have the mail server running on a different droplet(mail.domain.com) from the django application(domain.com)

Should I instead install iRedMail on the same droplet as my django application. Is this the recommended solution?

Here is some added bit of information
The following command ‘telnet mail.domain.com 587’ when in mail.domain.com’ terminal works but when in domain.com does not work.

As I mentioned previously, the issue seems to be the fact that I have two droplets. Is there a way to connect the droplets?

1 Answer

You should be able to specify your mail server as your SMTP backend for the app:


Installing a mailserver locally should not be required.

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