Droplet site can’t be reached

August 22, 2019 159 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04

My site got message can’t be reached, but the problem only happen if i using my home network. If i switched to mobile network, office network or use vpn, my site can load properly

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  • Are you able to ping the domain or the IP address for your droplet?

    This usually happens with me too, the problem normally is with the caching of the DNS queries, or just try it again.

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I would like to suggest following few steps to try and narrow down the issue:

  1. Check if DNS is set up correctly and your domain is pointing to your Droplet’s IP address
  2. Check if you have any firewalls enabled, and confirm that HTTP traffic (incoming TCP on port 80) is allowed
  3. Make sure your web server is running. Run this command to check if a process with the name apache is running: sudo ps wwaux | grep apache. Exchange apache with nginx or your webserver’s binary name if you are not using Apache
  4. Try a different network, the issue could be local
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