Droplet Slowdown - expected?

Posted December 29, 2017 2.5k views
DeploymentUbuntu 16.04

Just made my first droplet, installing python and whatnot and basically setting everything up, and it’s taking forever. It sounds like my CPU is spinning hard and it’s strange because I thought most of the processing was happening server-side, not locally.

I’ve read in the forums that the server I’m connected to might be causing latency, but what I really don’t understand is why my CPU is taking the load. I’m fairly new to cloud computing so forgive my ignorance, but any help would be greatly appreciated

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1 answer

I once had a similar problem… Run top while doing the slow installation and post here what it says in the third line (the one like %Cpu(s): 22,8 us, 1,3 sy, 0,0 ni, 75,7 id, 0,2 wa, 0,0 hi, 0,0 si, 0,0 st).

  • During the installation? Could you explain how? I’m sorry haha when an installation is happening (i.e. a pip install of say pandas) there doesn’t seem to be any moment for input until the installation is complete. I’m actually trying to install pandas now and the window is hanging, but for what it’s worth here’s the output from top when i ran it:

    0.0 us, 0.0 sy, 0.0 ni, 100.0 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.0 si, 0.0 st