Droplet stuck in EVENT PROCESSING since a live backup started

January 18, 2019 329 views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04

My droplet has been stuck in a pending EVENT PROCESSING state for 14 hours. I think it started when my weekly live backup started. I can't access my droplet. The site is down. I can't restart it from the web console because it has a pending event. The droplet is locked up and I can't do anything. Almost all controls in the web console are disabled.

The bigger issue is that I can't detach the volume that has my data backups on it. When I try to detach my volume it says it can't because the attached droplet has a "pending event".

I've had a support ticket open for 14 hours with no response. #3091493

My backup strategy is based on being able to attached that volume to a new server to get data. But Digital Ocean won't let me attach the volume to my new server.

Any ideas? Any way I can force support to respond. 14 hours seems like a long time to wait for a response to a system failure / data loss.

1 Answer

I have the same problem, how did you solve it or solve it from the support?

  • I filled a support ticket. When they responded they said it was normal and I should keep waiting. I tried to explain further but they wouldn't do anything. I posted on Twitter and that got someone to help look into it. Finally someone from support got back to me and admitted it was their problem. Seemed like an easy fix for them once they understood it was an issue in their system. Server was offline for almost a day.

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