Is the “TB” Transfer listed on droplet pricing meant to represent the decimal notation for terra (10^12 or 1000^4), or the binary notation (1024^4)?

More simply does 3 TB mean
3,000,000,000,000 bytes
3,298,534,883,328 bytes

The second being more appropriately labeled as 3 TiB (or Tebibytes).

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I’m actually not 100% sure as it pertains to DigitalOcean, though most providers use 1GB = 1,000MB unless explicitly advertised otherwise, so 3TB would come out as 3,000GB.

@ryanpg - Care to chime in on this one?

  • @jtittle Yeah not sure why I didn’t add DigitalOcean in tags, but clearly it’s related specifically to how they bill. I would imagine the decimal notation is what is becoming more common, it’s just that DigitalOcean is rather tech-centric. So I don’t really know. I didn’t see it in the FAQs nor as a question already.

    I would also guess their Disk size limits are all decimal prefixes (1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes) as that has been extremely common for storage… but again just guessing.