Droplet will be scaled by DigitalOcean What should I do?

Posted May 3, 2015 2.6k views

Hello everyone

I have received a message to my email saying:

Hi there,

Our engineers have identified an issue with your droplet's hypervisor. As a result, we are migrating your droplet to a more stable hardware to prevent issues for you.

We're scheduling to migrate your droplet on 2015-05-10 @ 07:30 UTC. 

Listed at the bottom of this email are your droplet(s) that will be a part of this maintenance.

Throughout a period of approximately 6 hours all the Droplets on the hypervisor where your Droplet resides will be migrated to a new host. We spread out the migrations to ensure that each of them run in a timely manner and completes successfully.

When your specific Droplet is queued for migration it will be powered off and you can expect about 1 minute of downtime per GB of your Droplet's disk size.

We expect there to be very minimal downtime, however we do understand the time above may not be a convenient for you. If that is the case, you may take some proactive steps to fix this issue at your convenience. Below are two options you can take, feel free to choose one that works best for you.

Option #1: Take a snapshot of your existing droplet and redeploy your droplet 
Option #2: Restore your droplet from an existing backup or snapshot.

Your droplet should deploy to a new hypervisor with a new kernel. If you destroy your initial droplet prior to deploying the new droplet you should retain the same IP Address.

If you have any questions at all about please reach out to our team and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you,
DigitalOcean Support

Affected Droplets:

I have concluded that my droplet will be escalated to the next level, ie, the next package. I have a question What do I have to do for this?

¿DigitalOcean will take care of everything and I will leave running the same ip?
Do I have to do a backup or they will do for me?

I hope you can help me with this doubt.

Thanks and regards.

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2 answers

There’s nothing in that email to indicate you’ll be “escalated to the next level” (or package). The hypervisor is the machine on which your VM runs on.

There is no reason why your IP address should change.

Also, you should always take back ups. That goes without saying.


The e-mail is stating that on 05-10-2015 your Droplet will be migrated to a new server. This means that the server in question is most likely being taken offline indefinitely, or for repair. To prevent downtime, they will migrate your account on the date specified or you can migrate on your own by:

1). Shutting Down your Droplet
2). Taking a Snapshot
3). Restore the Snapshot to a new Droplet
4). Verify all is working
5). Destroy the Previous Droplet

The above will result in a new IP whereas if they move it, you’ll most likely keep the same IP.