Droplets Limit Trough API calls

October 11, 2016 2k views

Hello i’m working on a service that will launch droplets on demand based on specific image using your API. This can scale quickly so it might have to launch many droplets in a short period of time. For example 20 droplets in 1 minute.

I know you have a 5 limit droplet by default for all accounts, but how can I increase these limits and what’s the limit on droplets launch per minute and can that limit be increased too?

Thank you

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ryanpq MOD October 11, 2016
Accepted Answer

New accounts have a limit of 5 droplets. This limit increases automatically over time but if you have a need for more droplets in a shorter time-frame you can open a ticket with our support team to request an increase.

We do not have a rate limit specifically on droplet launches but we do have an overall rate limit for our API which can be checked via this endpoint.

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