Droplets vs load balancing

November 18, 2014 2k views

Hi, I’m working for a client that has recently created account in digitalocean, hence have the following question.

The project is about simple web page based on word press.
We need the page to be available fast (in reasonable time) for both USA and Asia.
What are the possibilities for load balancing/domain resolving assuming that we create 2 droplest in the reagions of our interest?
Is it handled somehow by your services?
I think I found such information on your page but my develpoper claims that this is very hard and will require 2 additional droplets.
Please advice.

(we will obviously park our domain on your servers)


1 Answer

Digital Ocean is an unmanaged service, if you want to use a Load Balancer in your target regions you will need to create droplets, and configure the service yourself.

I suggest using nginx as a front end load balancer, it is what I am currently using and is reasonably easy to configure.

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