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I'm new to Digital Ocean and cloud hosting in general. My question is probably pretty simple, but how may 'droplets' can I have? I was somewhat surprised to be able to create a second one with a totally OS and IP address. Are you allowed to have as many as you want as long as you don't go over the diskspace for the type of account you have or am I just way off? James

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Hi James,

Each droplet is simply a VPS. Each account starts with a limit of 5, but if you need it raised, you can open a support ticket and they'll take care of it for you.

In essence, you can have as many droplets as you want.
So how does this work in relation to the $10 Dokku credit I used ?

It says I have $9.99 left in billing but I've created 2 VPS's

This seems to cheap :-)
Maybe I'm not understanding the pricing here.
Customers who activated their DigitalOcean account by entering a credit card are automatically charged (if they owe any money after the credit has been used up) on the first of the month for the total of their bill.

Paypal users get sent an invoice on the first and are asked to pay through paypal for the servers, after the credit gets used up.

The reason you have $9.99 in credit left after creating 2 VPSs is because droplets are charged by the hour ( So right now, what you are seeing in your account is the cost of 2 servers, at whatever size you chose, for a couple hours.

If you run each server for a month (non-stop), each droplet is billed per hour up to its monthly cap. This is actually a little less than the cost of the server for all of the hours in the month. It's usually like a day free or so.

This could be converted to a monthly rate instead of by the hour amarite?
@jamessommers: You can consider it as monthly billing assuming your droplet is powered on all the time, however we only charge hourly in reality.
Yeah I did the math, comes out to just about the same price. So I turned off my VPS last night since it wasn't ready for production. I like that.
Turning it off does not mean that you are not billed. Only destroying a droplet stops the billing.
Good to know, thanks martijn