Duplicator pluggin does not work

Posted May 13, 2016 24.6k views

I copied all the files in my folder (intaller and zip) and when I execute the installer, it appears only accii code all over the page. How can I configure my droplet in order to run duplicator well?

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Duplicator works … definitley … I use it exclusively to migrate sites between local development and hosted spaces.

HOWEVER … DigitalOcean recently upgraded their single-click-application version of Wordpress to a droplet-server using “Ubuntu Wordpress on 16.04” … since this update Duplicator has STOPPED working properly. I cannot get a install to complete correctly. It works 100% of the time on every other type of server I’ve come into contact with … including OTHER hosting services for client sites.

I did manage to build a server from the ground up inside of DigitalOcean on an earlier build of Ubuntu (14 or so) and it’s a HUGE PAIN in the butt to get it up and running … but it works if you absolutely need it.

Here’s my process when using Duplicator … A couple of important details I’ve discovered while using Duplicator may help:

1) upload the installer.php and zip archives via FTP into your wordpress folder on your digitalocean droplet. (basically where all the other wordpress install files live … if you see the wp-config.php file … you’re in the right place!)

2) copy the current wpconfig.php file to you desktop from the wordpress install currently on your droplet before you do ANYTHING else. This archive contains very important information regarding access to you MySQL database (ie. database name, username, password, etc) that you will need during the Duplicator installer process.


  • This is assuming you have a functional version of wordpress (new install or existing site) already running on your digitalocean droplet that you can access-view via your web browser. This is the basic functionality you should start with before you try to use Duplicator.

3) BACKUP YOUR CURRENT SITE – If you’re droplet contains an existing site you should back it up prior to using Duplicator to replace or update it. I usually install Duplicator and download a “package” (installer.php and zip) as a backup prior to running duplicator to replace any sites.

4) Via FTP … delete the wp-config.php file (make sure you download a copy of it to your desktop first!). If you don’t delete this prior to running duplicator it will throw an error and stop the installation process.

5) IN YOUR WEB BROWSER … navigate to your droplet (or site’s address) and add /installer.php after the address (domain name or IP address). ie. OR … THEN PRESS ENTER

** Duplicator installer should start to run, and you should see the “Duplicator-Installer” page load that has the step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

IMPORTANT … I have always used the “connect and replace” option with Duplicator regarding your MySQL database. If you use this … you will ALWAYS find the necessary information to access this database inside the copy of the “wp-config.php” file you downloaded to your desktop. Just open that file up in any text editor and you’ll find all the necessary database-relate information you need inside.

THE HEAVY LIFTING IS ALL BEHIND YOU NOW … the rest is a no-brainer … Duplicator gives you very clear step-by-step instructions to complete the last 4 steps.

Good Luck!

Aaaaaaaaand it doesn’t work

I can’t have access to the index page. I can see my theme loaded, but I can’t see any content. Cannot log in as Admin either.

This worked perfectly for me. Thanks for the step-by-step.