E-mail server setup + multiple domain names

November 16, 2014 3.6k views


I’m in kind of a trouble.

I have recently installed a droplet with (MySQL, PhpMyadmin, Apache2).
I’m running 3 different websites on one droplet. Everything is working good and the setup was fairly easy.

But my main issue is with E-mail server.
Any tipsters how to use it correctly would be good.

I have currently installed (Postfix + Dovecot + SquirrelMail) on the same droplet where my websites are.

But I read that E-mail server should be a separate droplet?

Also should I register a new domain name just for my E-mail server (droplet)? Let’s say something like: “cloudmail.com” and then make a subdomain: “mail.cloudmail.com”? Or what is the best practice.

Pretty much I need to make E-mail accounts with different domain names.
When I first installed “Postfix” I made the domain(FQDN) as: “domain1.com” -> So whenever I create new user it will automatically get “username@domain1.com” -> As the sender E-mail aadress.

What I need is:

username@domain2.com, and so on…

Also some kind of interface for doing all that would also be good, if out there is something like that.

My main needs are:

1) WordPress websites hosting
2) E-mail accounts

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Someone please help on this

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