ElasticSearch S3 repository Snapshot to Spaces fails

March 23, 2018 2.2k views
Elasticsearch Ubuntu

I have installed ElasticSearch 6.2 on a droplet running ubuntu 16.04 and what to create a s3 repository that backup my ElasticSearch database to a space though the S3 Spaces API. For some reason, I keep getting the same error every time, I try to create my repository:

          "reason":"Failed to check if blob [master.dat-temp] exists"}],
     "reason":"Failed to check if blob [master.dat-temp] exists",
          "reason":"Forbidden (
               Service: Amazon S3;
               Status Code: 403;
               Error Code: 403 Forbidden;
               Request ID: THEREQUESTID;
               S3 Extended Request ID: THEEXTENDEDREQUESTID)"}},

I might add, that I also have a droplet running with ElasticSearch 5.6 and on that droplet, there is no problem creating s3 repositories and backing up my data to Spaces.

What I’m I missing?

2 Answers

Did anyone solve this issue? I ran into exact same problem.

Hi emily,

got it solved? Care to share your solution?
I would also be interested in your configuration of the plugin.

Kind regards,


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