ELK installation before installing forwarder

August 10, 2015 2k views
Getting Started Logging

Following the ELK install on CentOS7, After installing ElasticSearch, Nginx, Logstash, Kibana, up to the point of installing Forwarder. Is ELK syslog function working now for standard syslog such like from port 514? or does it require Logstash forwarder on another box to receive syslog messages and then forward to the ELK box via SSL connection?

Almost sound to me that i need an actual syslog server and use Logstash forwarder to send to the Logstash server I’ve setup with the first 3 components.

Anywhere to point me to docs on configuring log retention and syslog shipping on old messages to CIF shares in text format to be deduped by Windows 2012 R2?

1 Answer

Logstash Forwarder (or its more recent replacement Filebeat) ships the log messages from the client server to the server running Logstash. You do not need a centralized syslog server. The client is installed directly on each machine that will send logs onto the ELK server.

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