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March 18, 2015 17.6k views
DigitalOcean Billing

How can I have my invoices emailed to me every month. I have a credit card on file but I would like to have the invoice that corresponds to the credit card charge emailed to me.

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IT'S SO ANNOYING! We're in the end of 2017 and no one of DO guys even gave any response about it. To implement this feature might cost DO few hours developing time and they could't manage it for years now! So f%^&ng frustrating, dear DigitalOcean!

How can this not be a feature? We use services of dozens of companies and DO is the only one that doesn’t send pdf invoices by mail. We’re managing multiple accounts so this is really annoying. This makes us switch to another provider I guess.

it behaves like we are in 1995 :) automatic emailing of invoices is a must !!

+1 we need to have our invoices sent straight to our Treasurer or at least sent to an email that can be forwarded

Please Vote for this feature here:

@sbhannon can you add UserVoice link to you question? Maybe people that are coming here from google search will Vote for it and it will be noticed with @DigitalOcean staff.

This feature is a must! So frustrating to login, save, and forward to accounts! Specially when accounts chases you for an invoice when you are in the middle of something very important.

+1!!!!!!! It sucks to login everytime!

+1. Stuck downloading and forwarding emails to finance department.

+1 it's very annoying to log in every time just to download an invoice.

Seriously this is getting extremely annoying! Please do something. We have 2 accounts with you and this is driving me crazy and doesn't seem to be a huge feature to implement. Please send PDF invoice with the email.

Yes, it would be very useful for us. Our accountants do not have access to DO account for security reasons and it's quite tricky to login into DO every time and forward invoices manually.

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