Email is being sent to spam/junk

February 17, 2015 3.8k views

I'm having trouble getting my email through various(read: all) spam filters. I've strolled around the support forums, to no avail. I've set up SPF/DKIM and i'm not present on any Mail Black lists. (Checked at mxtoolbox and whatsmyipadress). I also get a 10/10 score on mail-tester. I'm not getting any errors on any check I've tried.

I'd like control of my own mail, so I'm not willing to give up just yet and start using Mandrill.

Do you guys know something I don't? :)

*It's a LEMP stack with Dovecot/Postfix installed. (with SSL)

3 Answers

Fill in your droplet IP at the end of this link:

If you see red, and your neighbouring ip's as well, your email gets sent to spam by Gmail and Microsoft, I think I learned. No matter how many SPF's DKIM's or 10/10 scores you have.

I moved to a safer place on DO, and things work. But its quite worrying....

  • Shoot! My IP is marked red for email. That's a real problem.

    Only solution is making a snapshot and spinning up a new droplet?

  • Check the neighboring ip addresses, most likely they are also flagged, and a whole block of it is in your data center. Just creating a new droplet will probably have no effect.

    Find a new location on DO, where things are safe. Until the folks responsible for the reds have discovered it too.

    And then, DO is doomed, I guess...

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