Email not sent via PHP Mail Function

July 18, 2014 4.4k views

I have Managed DigitalOcean hosting from CloudWays. I complaint to them that activation email is not sent from sign-up page of my site. First their reply was like noobdo Godaddy i.e. It is your script's problem. I challenged them to give their testing script. Even their testing script was not working.

Emails are not sent to recipient of gmail,hotmail & its other domains, yahoo.
In Zoho it arrives in Spam while I can see emails in
But gmail,hotmail and yahoo are not even allowing emails to spambox.
Now CloudWays is saying to use Gmail SMTP. Why the f**k I use GMAIL's smtp having 500 limits per day when I have virtual server with no limits to send.

You can see my DNS records --> & my Site

1 Answer

It looks like your droplet's IP address is blacklisted on Barracuda. Try contacting them on their website and see if they can remove you from the list.

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