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Posted June 9, 2020 2.6k views

Hello everyone, i’m having an issue. I’m new in DO and i don’t know how much days they need to reply a ticket. I’ve installed plesk on my droplet and tried to configure domain’s email. I can receive mails but i can’t send It.

Plesk says me that I’ve the TCP 25 PORT closed but with netstat i can see that it’s open.

No DO’s firewall Is configured so there aren’t conflicts.

Dovecot Is running perfectly.

When i try this :

telnet 25

The response Is :

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Network is unreachable

No idea of what to do and how to solve. Maybe DO blocks ports ? But why with netstat i can see them open?

Thanks to all

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Hi there @KyrosWeb,

I believe that for new accounts outgoing TCP connections on port 25 are blocked for security reasons.

I would recommend trying with port 587 or 465 instead.

Let me know how it goes!

  • Thanks for reply , i can’t find the section to enable the 465 port and online i can’t find nothing. Can you help me ?

    • Hi there @KyrosWeb,

      I would suggest first testing if port 465 is open for outgoing TCP connections. One way to do that is to run the following command:

      • telnet 465

      If this does not work, I would recommend sticking with port 587, you can take a look at the official documentation here on how to enable port 587:

      Go to Plesk > Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings set the Enable SMTP service on port 587 on all IP addresses checkbox.

      Let me know if that works.

      • Ho Bobby , thanks for t ply. I tried yet to enable SMTP service on 587 but it doesn’t work.

        • Hello,

          Does the telnet command work for port 587:

          • telnet 587

          Also with netstat can you see port 587 as well?

          • netstat -plant | grep 587


          • Hi Bobby a paste here what i see

            with telnet :

            Connected to
            Escape character is ’^]’.
            Connection closed by foreign host.

            with netstat:

            tcp 0 0* LISTEN 30647/master

            tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 6529/nginx: worker

            tcp6 0 0 :::587 :::* LISTEN 30647/master

            Thanks a lot for helping

          • Hi there @KyrosWeb,

            It actually looks all good. Are you seeing any errors in your mail log?


      • Thanks Bobby i’ve pointed DNS to another hosting where i can manage mails. On DO i haven’t received reply in support ticket so i think there is no solution.

        Regards and thanks for helping.