Email question from complete beginner..

December 24, 2015 1.8k views

Hello all,
Before I begin, let me tell you that Im a complete beginner with linux server side stuff.. I was curious about how it all works, so I got space here so I can play and maybe learn a bit.

Now, I followed all the "initial setup instructions", and the "additional recommended steps" for centos 7, have the server running with a test index file, have the DNS pointed here, etc. etc.
I use zohomail, I have the MX records pointed to their servers.. I have not done any type of mail configuration on the server, what do I need in order for emails that come to get relayed through the MX record to Zoho mail..?

I am running centos 7 with Lamp..

Thank you very much for any information or links to reading material you can help with..
So far this is quite confusing, but fun!!!

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  • So it seems like it works anyways...
    Just sorted some mistakes, received emails forwarded through the site....
    Is there no email/smtp settings that need to happen on the server.?

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dns in case that has something to do with it.....

CNAME: www /
MX: 10 /
MX: 20 /


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