Email Sending to some domains but not others

April 4, 2019 166 views

Need some help. I'm using CentOS 7.4 and Mediawiki 1.32.0. I'm trying to deal with the user confirmation email. The email will send based on my settings in mediawiki, but it doesn't always go through.

Sometimes, like to gmail and hotmail, it goes through and is marked as spam.
FOr other email addresses, like my email that my internet provider gives me, the email never shows at all, even in spam.

ANyone familiar with setting up email at all on digitalocean vai CentOS?

  • Have you considered using an SMTP sending service, in conjunction with something like phpmailer? , if you're not already? I found php mail() to be quite tedious so I now send all my emails out from my server, using an SMTP service such as SendInBlue using PHPMailer.

  • I ended up just setting it up to route through gmail.

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