Email server not receiving emails

August 8, 2013 2.2k views
I don't get any emails in inbox. I am sending mails to the server, I don't get an error message but the email is not received. telnet domain 143 is working and I connect and see my inbox. Thunderbird finds the server for imap, and I can also send emails but somehow I just can't receive emails Do you know why this could be? If I send emails to a user that doesn't exists(test@domain), I get a email back like 550 No Such User Here
3 Answers
Do you have an example email address I can check?
Try telnetting to port 25 -- does it work?

What MTA are you using? Postfix?
telnet worked(with auth) for both 25 and 143. postfix was installed. in the maillog I could see that the message was received but I think it wasn't sent to the correct account - I really don't know why

I switch postfix with sendmail and now it works. I have also installed a mailclient(roundcube on nginx) to be sure I have something working in case the remote client fails
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