Email stop working on my website

July 4, 2016 1.8k views
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email in my website was working very well but it stop working. it shows email sent in my website but it does not reach its destination, i have no knowledge why?
i did join droplet with domain name then i remove domain name and i was using only IP address.
how can i fix this problem?

2 Answers

Are you using your own mail server? You can look at the mail logs. Do you have DKIM and SPF setup on the email domain? If not, that is a problem.

What do you mean that you removed the domain name? Are you sending email that has a "from" address that is using a non-existant domain name, because you removed the domain name?

  • i am using my mail server

    how to do DKIM and SPF setup on the email domain ?

    i am using non-existant domain name.

You are using a non-existant domain name? That is a problem.

Other email providers will reject your messages if they come from a non-existant domain name.

Also, you have to actually have a domain name to setup SFP and DKIM on the domain name.

  • thanks for solution
    if i would setup domain name then install postfix . before installing postfix, i have to purge sendmail ?

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